Ik zweef, vlieg en fladder ...

Ik zat met mijn hoofd in de wolken, ik zweefde, vliegde en fladderde ... Ik was in een euforiestemming! Ik heb echt gewerkt en ik heb een oplossing gevonden! Ik kon niet goede praten maar ik heb het opgelost! Het werkte! 

Instant Messenger:

DB [2:25 PM]: hello Afa,
Afa [2:25 PM]: hi
DB [2:26 PM]: Thanks for providing me with access
DB [2:27 PM]: Unfortunately I only have access to ..., which is extremely difficult to find the ..., I am looking for
DB [2:28 PM]: P mentioned that the navigation is via the … sheet. But I do not have access to that...
Afa [2:28 PM]: you need … excel site?
DB [2:28 PM]: I want to access the… sheets, but via the site, where I can find, what I am looking for...
DB [2:30 PM]: I am trying to call
Afa [2:30 PM]: no call
Afa [2:31 PM]: to which website?
DB [2:31 PM]: I left a message on your voice mail...
Afa [2:31 PM]: I'm sick - not at office
DB [2:31 PM]: ok, I understand
Afa [2:32 PM]: I'm happy to give me what you need
DB [2:32 PM]: can you access email?
Afa [2:32 PM]: yes
DB [2:34 PM]: Will send you a screen shot#
Afa [2:35 PM]: ok
DB [2:35 PM]: let me know, if you understand....
Afa [2:36 PM]: did you check the left up Tab - is this working?
DB [2:37 PM]: the tab works, but access is denied.
DB [2:37 PM]: Will send you the screenshot.
Afa [2:43 PM]: can you check again?
Afa [2:43 PM]: still the same issue?
DB [2:46 PM]: Yes, but when I open view all content, I can see a different view.
DB [2:46 PM]: I have sent you both screenshots....
DB [2:46 PM]: I have never seen what it is supposed to look like...
Afa [2:47 PM]: can you check again - I believe it would work
DB [2:48 PM]:
terrific! now it works.
DB [2:48 PM]: Thanks a million
DB [2:49 PM]: & get well soon
Afa [2:50 PM]: I'm sick for 4 months - so will see.
DB [2:51 PM]: sounds serious.
DB [2:51 PM]: Sorry to hear that
DB [2:51 PM]: Still cross my thumbs for you
DB [2:51 PM]: And thanks again. This really helps!

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